Curiosity gets a bad rap. It’s known for killing the cat, but it has also led to many good things. Curiosity is the mother of invention. The telephone was invented because Alexander Graham Bell wanted to see if he could transmit sound through wires. Philo Farnsworth created the TV because he was curious if he could transmit images through airwaves instead of just sounds.

Curiosity leads to invention because curiosity is the beginning steps in a journey that leads to discovery. Curiosity drives us to discover more than we currently know. The same principle holds true in our pursuit of God.

A meaningful reflection of Jesus happens because we seek to know God more than we do currently.

In Exodus chapter 3, Moses is herding sheep on the backside of nowhere. In verse 2, an angel appears to him in the midst of a bush that was on fire, but not burning up. In verse 3, Moses decides to check into why the bush is on fire, but not being consumed by the fire—AKA…He was curious. In verse 4 it says “When the Lord saw that he (Moses) turned aside to see, God called to him out of the bush, Moses! Moses!”

Isn’t it interesting that God waited to call out to Moses until Moses had decided to investigate the burning bush? God extended the invitation to meet in the form of something curious and left the decision in the court of Moses. Had Moses not acted upon his curiosity, he would have missed out on an encounter with God. Moses’ life would have been vastly different and the entire story of the Israelites, who were currently enslaved in Egypt would have been altered.

Truth: God responds to our curious pursuit of Him by revealing more of Himself to us.

We all have things about God that makes us curious. Is it possible that the very things we are curious about may be the starting points for brand new encounters with Him? Maybe the curious things that capture your attention have been placed in front of you by God Himself as an invitation to encounter God in a new and real way.

The pursuit of curious things requires time and effort and never guarantees the answers we expect, but pursuing God-ordained curiosities will connect you with the one who made you curious in the first place.

Let’s leave margin in our schedule for the things that make us curious.

Keep Reflecting Jesus!