I have a friend who is a High School basketball coach, and he was telling me about a story he shared with his team. It was a story about Tiger Woods, that took place during a practice round at the Masters.
Standing on the 12th tee, Tiger was hitting shots to the opposite end of the green from where the pin was located. After hitting several shots away from the flag, someone asked him why he was purposely hitting away from the pin? Tiger continued setting up to hit his next shot and said, because that is where the pin will be on Sunday.  
A meaningful reflection of Jesus happens when we shoot for “Sunday pins.”
Tiger wanted to make sure he was prepared for the pin location on Sunday because he was planning to be in contention come Sunday afternoon. On Tuesday, he was putting in work that would have an impact when Sunday arrived.
Everything we do has a potential now/not yet component within it. What we are doing in the moment, matters in this moment, but it can also matter in eternity. As a follower of Jesus, we are called to live in the moment and be a vessel God can utilize to bring about eternal impact in others.
Our motivation for what we do matters just as much as the act itself. We are either motivated by the applause of men or the applause of Jesus. As followers of Jesus we are called to look at the opportunities of today through the lens of eternity.
Eternity is a Sunday pin.
Knowing we will stand face-to-face with Jesus is a Sunday pin.
The applause of nail-scarred hands is what we are shooting for as we walk through each day on earth. Let’s step into today with eternity in mind. Let’s do the work today that will have us prepared when eternity arrives.
Keep Reflecting Jesus!