At Cincinnati Cyclones games they do something called “Chuck-a-Puck.” You can purchase styrofoam pucks for one dollar each that you throw onto the ice as a fundraiser for Charity. At the end of the second period, everyone throws their pucks and the one that finishes closest to center ice wins a Cyclones Jersey.

Brady and I were recently at a game and we purchased five pucks. When the time arrived, Brady chucked four and I chucked one onto the ice. Mine didn’t come close, it was too hard and a little left. As time was counting down, there were two pucks that landed in our row. They were thrown from people further up, but didn’t quite get to the ice. With two seconds on the clock, I tossed a puck that belonged to someone else onto the ice.

As the MC was preparing to call out the winning puck number, the puck I threw rolled in between the mascots legs and finished closest to the center circle. The MC put down the first puck and grabbed the puck I had thrown. Brady realized it and was screaming “He grabbed your puck.” I was unsure, and the guy several seats down from me came over and said, “Dude, they picked up your puck…I was watching the whole thing.”

A meaningful reflection of Jesus can happen as we help others be successful.

Someone else won a Cyclones Jersey because I threw their puck on the ice. Whether they know it or not, their attempt fell short and in receiving help to get their puck closer to the target, they found success.

Helping Others

  • Requires our Best Effort — I was trying just as heard to throw the second puck into the center of the ice as I did in my first attempt. In fact, my second attempt was probably aided by my first attempt.
  • Is about Getting Them to the Next Step of Their Journey — The puck found its way to my row, which was closer to the target, but not the target. By picking up the puck and hurling it onto the ice, I simply got the puck closer to the target. We don’t have to get people all the way to the destination, often times, we are supposed to helped them get closer to their destination.
  • Doesn’t Require the Person to Know You Helped Them — Sometimes we can help and not even know who it is we are helping. When we know what is helpful, and we do it, we can let Holy Spirit work out the details.

There will be countless pucks this week that you can help get closer to the target. I’m praying you will chuck them and let God do His thing with the results.

Keep Reflecting Jesus!