This past weekend, Scottie Scheffler won the Arnold Palmer Invitational golf tournament. The win was noteworthy because Scheffler, who has been struggling with his putting, put a new putter in the bag and won the first time out. But the putter wasn’t the only new thing he was sporting. In addition to the putter…Scheffler was rocking a new beard.
During the post tournament interview, a journalist said, “I was asked earlier in the week about your beard and I didn’t have an answer for them. Did you grow that on Tuesday? Was that a putting thing? Or are you not going to shave until the baby is born? What’s the deal? Scheffler paused for a moment and said “I get lazy. That’s pretty much it.” 
A meaningful reflection of Jesus happens when we don’t have to know it all.
I was struck by the preface of the question. Someone asked the journalist why Scottie was rocking a beard and He didn’t know why, so he asked. Technically, there is nothing wrong with or out of bounds by the question, but I think it highlights a tendency that can be problematic.
We live and participate in a culture where we feel we have the right to know anything that piques our curiosity. If it crosses our minds, we feel we have the right to know. The byproduct of this reasoning is we seek answers for things we are not necessarily privileged to know.
I’ll be the first to admit, the Scheffler beard example is inconsequential and doesn’t really matter, but do you realize we do the same thing with God?
Driven by a desire to know, we ask God things that we aren’t meant to know or not able to carry. There are things that are only going to be known to Him and yet we still ask because we want to know. Sometimes, He doesn’t answer because it is in our best interest not to know. And sometimes He doesn’t answer, because it’s not something we should have asked in the first place.
Why does this matter?
Because if we are not careful, we allow not knowing something we want to know, keep us from doing what we know we should do and going where we know we ought to go.
God invites us to know Him in a moment by moment, day by day basis. The invitation is to know Him; not all the answers to everything we think we deserve to know. Let’s pursue the God who knows it all, ahead of trying to know it all.
Keep Reflecting Jesus!