My son Brady and I recently had the opportunity to do some hiking at a state park in east Tennessee. We hiked the Fire Tower Trail, which led to the top of the mountain where there was an 80-foot-tall tower you could actually climb up and get a 360-degree view of the mountains.
We had a great time as we ascended the mountain. The conversation was good, the sun broke through the clouds, and the scenery became increasingly majestic the higher up the mountain we traveled. Once in the tower, we spent some time reveling in God’s beauty. It was awe-inspiring.
On the way down the mountain, Brady asked if we could short-cut parts of the zig-zag trail by descending straight down the mountain.  We decided to go for it and blaze our own path. Our second attempt landed us on the wrong trail.
A meaningful reflection of Jesus happens as we stay the course.
When we left the trail, and cut straight down the mountain, we missed a fork in the trail. Unaware of our mistake, when we connected back with the path, we were no longer on the fire tower trail. We wasted 15-20 minutes going the wrong direction before we confirmed we were on the wrong trail.
The mistake we made on the trail is the same mistake we can make as followers of Jesus. In an attempt to short-cut the journey, we end up missing where we are supposed to be. How many times have we wanted to speed up the process only to short-circuit what God was trying to do? There is provision, protection, and purpose in God’s path for you. It involves perfect timing and God’s activity.
It’s easy to look at where you are and think it would be advantageous to skip down to the next section of the journey, but it may just be the next steps of your path are necessary for the journey.

Let’s be determined to not rush what God is doing. In our haste to move on, we may move in the wrong direction. I hope you’re able to walk God’s path for you this week!
Keep Reflecting Jesus!